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Discover the Church – also in English

“Welcome to the Evangelical Church” is the title of a new 40-page brochure in a pocket-sized format. It gives concise information about what there is to find in a church building. And right from the start it is multi-lingual: the first edition offers a choice of German and Arabic, or German and English.

This guidebook to the Church gives explanatory information about the altar or communion table, about the bible, the hymnbook, the pulpit, the lectern and the baptismal font. In his foreword, President Manfred Rekowski emphasises that “to live in peace with one another it is important to know something about each other.” 

Topics for conversation in 16 richly illustrated sections

The 16 richly-illustrated sections offer those from other denominations and religions who are visiting the church suggestions for engaging in conversation together.  For example on the topic of the cross. This is the symbol that represents the core of the Christian faith.  Why is that? This can be looked up in the guidebook.

The cockerel: warning and encouragement at the same time

The last word in the little booklet is given to the feathered creature who sits at the top of many church spires and towers – the cockerel.  It owes its presence as a both warning and encouragement to an incident in the Bible, as told in St Matthew’s gospel (chapter 26).  It warns Christians that anxiety or concern about our own interests may well be stronger than the wish to follow God.  But it offers encouragement as well: so long as the cock crows – as happens afresh at the break of each day – then it is still possible to change your life around.

The booklet can be ordered from the Regional Church Office in Düsseldorf, Department 1 Theology and Ecumenism, at the e-mail address sabine.benk@ekir.de

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