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: Meditation in der Kapelle der Evangelischen Studierendengemeinde Köln.

Meditation in the chapel of the Evangelical Student Group in Cologne.

Pastoral Care of Students

Support for both German and foreign students

The Evangelical Church in the Rheinland has a presence in technical colleges and universities through the Protestant Student Groups (ESG). 

The Student Groups offer pastoral care and counselling services for those who are seeking answers to the many questions which arise during their studies or their time at college.  These include questions about social responsibility as well as questions concerning their own pattern of life, questions about God and questions about the world.

Students and teachers from different faculties, cultures and religions come together to exchange their ideas on topics covering theological, political, economic and social issues, by joining discussion groups, listening to speakers, or taking part in work groups or action groups.

Another key feature of the work is a counselling service for foreign students. Life in a strange country is associated with all kinds of questions and difficulties and so the ESGs offer help and support. Every ESG publishes its own programme for each Semester. In many college and university campuses they also have associated student hostels. 

Foto: ekir.de / photo: Mathilde Kohl / 09.12.2016