“I’m full of joy, redeemed, set free” is the slogan being used by the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. It is taken from the opening lines of a psalm-poem by the Rhineland cabaret artist and writer Hanns Dieter Hüsch (1925-2005).

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Attention English speakers: here's a brand new website for you! Attention English speakers: here's a brand new website for you!


Welcome to our English website!

The Evangelical Church in the Rhineland is a church linked by a global network to many different international partners abroad as well as within Germany itself. From now on everyone will be able to get immediate information about us on our new English-language website, including information about our history, our structure, what we do and what we believe. 

Barbara Rudolph Barbara Rudolph

The website is divided into three broad sections. For example, in “Who we are” there is a brief outline of our history, along with an overview of our structure and how decisions are made and implemented. In addition this section offers details of service provision and how to contact us.

The section “What we believe” gives information about things such as our understanding of worship, baptism, confirmation, marriage and death. Those who are interested can also find out which translations of the Bible are used in the Rhineland Church and which creeds are seen as having an important role.

Information about ecumenical relationships with other churches in other countries, and with the different denominations within Germany as well as those abroad, along with Christian-Jewish dialogue, can be found in the section “What we do”. Users can also learn about the relationships with our international partner organisations such as the World Council of Churches and the United Evangelical Mission.

The Rhineland Church does, however, still have a lot more to offer, for example on topics such as education, responsibility towards the world and Christian-Muslim dialogue. Our on-line team will be extending the content of the website in the coming weeks and months to cover these. In addition there will be regular news releases through which users can be kept up to date with current events in our Church. So it will be worth dropping in on a regular basis!

With warm greetings,

Barbara Rudolph

Head of Department 1, Theology and Ecumenism


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